n August, Boyet Ongkiko, aka Ka Boyet, visited us from the Philippines.  His work with ASDECS, the Asian School of Development and Cross Cultural Studies, has been critically acclaimed by news organizations and local ministries and continues to be a driving force towards peace and transformation worldwide.

Ka Boyet provided a training day in Paterson, NJ on Tuesday, August 28th.  Leaders from the area gathered together to learn ways that they can serve their communities with intentionality and care.  The day included exercises in building each other up as leaders.  The group was also able to discuss and share specific challenges they face in their area of service and share ways those needs can be met with the help of others doing transformational work in Paterson and beyond.  Unity was the language spoken at this training session. Transformed communities transforming communities. The communities that are transformed are families and churches who become equipped to venture outside their church in a meaningful way focused on reaching the larger “community”.

Ka Boyet shared lectures, tips and testimonies from his work at ASDECS.  Finally, a time of unity and prayer followed the Spiritual Dance that reminds us we are not alone in our work nor are we working for ourselves.   God is love.  Loving God and loving our neighbors is at the center of all we do.  (1 John 4:16, 1 John 4:21.)

We hope you enjoy watching the videos and seeing the pictures that chronicle the day’s events on August 28th.

Stay tuned for future dates and join us for more leadership building with our brother, our Cuya, Ka Boyet.

-Your Friends at WiT

*For more information on ASDECS, please visit asdecs.weebly.com.

Boyet Ongkiko is Director of the Center for Transformational Development at ASDECS.